Welcome to FIDES

FIDES Services Cambodia (“FIDES”) is a registered national certified public accounting firm established in September 2002. Our firm is a practising member of the Kampuchea Institute of Certified Public Accountants and Auditors (“KICPAA”), an institute that is a member of The Asean Federation of Accountants (“AFA”).

FIDES provides services in assurance, management, taxation and corporate to a wide range of industries in Cambodia. Our clientele consist of international and national companies, medium and small enterprises and non-profit organizations, in the manufacturing, banking and finance, tourism, construction, media service, transportation and non-profit organizations.

FIDES operates with a network of overseas accounting firms in the region. This network enables us to be informed of changes in the accountancy profession and to take advantage of developments regionally. We also move people and resources within our network for significant engagements. In this way, we are able to bring in the necessary expertise, share technical knowledge and develop the competencies of local professionals. Through our close network working relationship, we are able to provide you with a service, distinct from others.

FIDES adheres to the ethical rules of the accountancy profession. Our firm and its people maintain the highest standard of professionalism. We acknowledge that delivery of services is important and strive to maintain the level of expectations of us.